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The missing piece of your pregnancy care

Unlike a traditional private midwife, we don't replace your NHS service - we add to it.  Your regular midwife and GP will still provide your medical examinations and treatment, but we're there to provide you with all the advice, options and encouragement you'll need to be fully prepared.


Online Consulting Rooms: Advice you can trust, direct from our midwives

ConsultationRoomGraphicThe Online Consultation Rooms and Mum's Groups are the core of our service. These are online areas where you can ask questions, get advice and chat with other Mums.

Public pregnancy forums, no matter how large, rely on other forum users to respond to questions. Most of the time these are simply other mums with no professional expertise. That means you have no way of knowing if you're getting the right answer - or even if you'll get any answer at all.

That's not the case with Norla. You can trust our consulting rooms because:

  • All our consulting rooms are staffed, led and moderated by our midwife team
  • Every question is answered by a qualified midwife
  • Any comments you receive from other members are reviewed by our midwives for accuracy
  • We reply to every question within three hours of asking (and normally much sooner)
  • Our midwives actively join in discussions, post their own tips and suggestions and are always happy to have a chat!

Learn more about our Consulting Rooms...

We've kept it simple with two online "rooms": The Pregnancy Room and The New Baby Room.  You can ask questions, comment on discussion threads and subscribe to updates from each room to make sure you don't miss out on some good advice! Also, as we're a UK company that follows UK clinical guidelines and NHS protocols, there'll be no confusing information from the USA or anywhere else that might not apply to you.

Our Mum's Groups are also there for you to join and get to know other mums in the same area or even with the same interests. Start off in The Coffee Room and say hello! Our groups are led by your suggestions, so if you'd like to see a new group, just let us know.

Your privacy is important to us.  Because our service is members only there are no advertisers, spammers or antisocial members, only genuine new mums just like you.  What's more, your questions and answers are never accessible from public internet searches.

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The video and article series: our midwives, ready to download


This part of our service gives you access to our online pregnancy video and article series, covering a wide range of useful information, hints, tips and interviews, all with handy summaries for when you're short on time. You'll find:

  • Authoritative content professionally created by our midwife team and associate experts
  • Includes wellness topics like nutrition, complementary therapies and even maternity employment law
  • Easy to find information clearly organised by trimester and topic and fully searchable.

All of this is exclusive to Norla members. We also review, update and add to our content on a regular basis to make sure it follows the latest guidelines and best practice in antenatal care.

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One to one telephone consultations: in depth, confidential support


For those times when you'd like to talk to a midwife confidentially and in depth, we can help. We offer optional one to one private telephone consultation appointments at a time that suits you.

You don't have to worry about call queues or premium rate lines. Simply book your consultation appointment online with us and when its time, we call you on your chosen number.

Our midwives will take all the time you need, at a pace that’s right for you, to make sure you leave your consultation feeling confident and informed.

Learn more about consultations...

Your consultation can last up to an hour and covers:

  • Pregnancy wellness: the first part of your call will discuss issues such as diet, fitness and lifestyle
  • Your antenatal progress: this part will relate to your current pregnancy stage and cover areas such as what to expect in the current trimester or common concerns at this point
  • Your questions: in the final part of your call, your questions will be covered in depth.

We've also taken out the guesswork for you with our specialised consultations, each one dealing with a different pregnancy area.

  1. 1st trimester consultation: up to 13 weeks. Overview of your maternity service, antenatal education classes, exercise classes and ideas, private health addons, diet & nutrition and lifestyle
  2. Midway consultation: 13 – 30 weeks. Discuss scan results, preparing for maternity leave, getting ready for your new arrival, common pregnancy ailments, coping with changes to your body and midterm lifestyle and exercise
  3. 3rd Trimester consultation: 28 weeks - labour. Discuss optimal fetal positioning, minimise labour worries, deciding where to give birth, recognising labour, the stages of labour, preparing a birth plan and overview of pain relief options
  4. Postnatal consultation: at home with your baby. Feeding basics, starting to breastfeed, bottle feeding your baby, meeting your baby’s needs, early days as a parent, your body after the birth, getting back into shape and discussing return to work options.
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Helping with your new arrivalAfterBabyBornGraphic

When you finally get to meet your baby (congratulations!) We don’t stop there.  Our midwives will still be there to answer questions about your newborn’s first months and adapting to life with your baby (in fact, we have a consulting room especially for it). We offer a specialised postnatal telephone consultation to get you started and you'll also find plenty of useful new baby content in our Multimedia Library.

All this means we can continue to help up to a year after your baby is born; so even if you're not right at the start of your pregnancy, you'll still get a lot from your Norla membership.


Your thank you gifts from us

We don’t have lots of confusing membership options – just a choice of rolling one month or twelve month memberships depending on the level of flexibility you prefer. Our monthly membership plans give you full access to our online services and our telephone consultations are purchased separately on a pay as you go basis, so you only pay for what you need.

Our one month option has no minimum contract and zero commitment and our twelve month option saves you money every month. Both plans include a no risk free trial.

When you sign up for your trial, we also include free of charge:

  • Our "Norla Great Mums" email article series, with lots of useful tips and advice
  • Our ebook "Healthy Mum, Healthy Baby", an informative guide to staying well and stress free during your pregnancy.


After your twelfth month of membership we'll give you another thank you present from all of us at Norla: free lifetime membership to our online services. This gives you unlimited access to the online consulting rooms, Mum’s Groups and multimedia library, saving you £14.99 a month, forever.
You can continue to use our online services with no restrictions as long as you like, so whenever you choose to do this again, we'll be with you right from the start.


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