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Your stress-free pregnancy starts here...

Staying well and healthy during pregnancy can be a concern for every new mum. For that, you need expert advice you can trust.

We're the UK's only online pregnancy support service run by professional Midwives. Become a Norla Mum and get peace of mind for just £9.99 a month.

Professional, affordable midwife support

Traditional private midwives can cost thousands of pounds - but our innovative online service gives you peace of mind at a fraction of the cost.

Time with us means you're totally prepared

Once you're a Norla Mum, you can relax. Our midwives are on hand online and by telephone to provide expert advice, information, options and encouragement throughout your pregnancy and your baby's first months. With Norla beside you, you'll be fully informed and ready to make the best choices for your baby.

Your Norla membership gives you:

CR Icon Midwife led Online Consulting Rooms and Mum's Groups: Your questions on any aspect of your pregnancy symptoms, NHS procedures, preparing for birth and caring for your newborn answered directly by our midwife team

MMLibIconOur exclusive pregnancy video and article series: a constantly expanding library of practical information covering pregnancy, wellness and babycare, created and kept up to date by our midwives and other health professionals

Consultation IconOptional private midwife telephone consultations: in depth one to one appointments with a Norla midwife. Discuss your pregnancy progress, clinical issues, health and wellness confidentially and at your own pace.

Complimentary extras include our pregnancy email series, our wellness ebook and free lifetime (yes, lifetime) access to our service available to every member.

Keeping you healthy and happy

We know from experience that staying healthy and stress free can be just as important for you and your bump as treating your symptoms.  Almost every new mum asks questions like:

“That looks yummy... oh wait, can I eat it?”

“What do I do when I'm feeling stressed?”

“Where do I start with getting the house ready?”

This is where the NHS often shrugs its shoulders and calls the next patient - not so helpful for you!  We don't just provide support for your medical symptoms; we also cover issues such as stress management, well-being, physical health, nutrition and preparation for your baby's arrival.

Learn more about why your NHS midwife might not be enough...

The UK birth rate is at its highest for 40 years – and unfortunately there are simply not enough midwives to cope.

  1. The Royal College of Midwives has warned England alone needs an extra 5,000 midwives next year
  2. A poll of more than 2,000 midwives found 9 out of 10 did not feel they could give women all the care and support they needed
  3. Almost two-thirds of new mothers feel let down by the NHS after giving birth.

All this means that despite the best efforts of hardworking midwives, you're not guaranteed to receive the quality of care your baby deserves from the NHS alone.

That’s where Norla comes in. With Norla, there’s no pot luck; you're always in good hands.

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